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“A good-natured riot this way comes from Greensboro, North Carolina…Armed with Fender Telecasters, the Grand Ole Uproar hearken to the wilder days and ways of Waylon Jennings and his fellow band of renegades. Songs including ’One Horse Blues’ and ‘Clumsy Tongue’ bespeak a raucous band with considerable musical chops. Splices of steel guitar coincide with Fenders and fun for a sound that rocks the country as in days of old renewed. Grand Ole Uproar  … indeed.”                                                                  — Tom Netherland, Herald Courier

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The Grand Ole Uproar’s musical gumbo conjures up the Texas twang of Waylon Jennings and Doug Sahm, the electric carnival of Dylan, the improvisational impulses of the Grateful Dead, and the laid-back swampy sound of J.J. Cale, as well as many other(and older) songs and artists in the American tradition.

The Grand Ole Uproar frequently tours the Southeast and Midwest, and has shared the stage with artists like Grammy Award winning Texas trio Los Lonely Boys, Zach Deputy, The Hackensaw Boys, PALEFACE, Drunken Prayer, The Deadstring Brothers, The Corbitt Brothers, A Boy Named Banjo, Empire Strikes Brass, Cosmic Charlie, and the Straight 8s.

Available now on Spotify and Itunes, The Grand Ole Uproar’s newest album, Good Long Spell, features guest appearances by Whiskeytown’s Caitlin Cary and John Howie Jr.