The Grand Ole Uproar cooks up a musical gumbo with the Texas twang of Waylon Jennings and Doug Sahm, the electric carnival of Dylan, the improvisation of the Grateful Dead, and the laid-back swampy sound of J.J. Cale, as well as many other (and older) songs and artists in the American tradition.

 It wants to visit your town and leave you howlin' for more in the barrooms and on the late-night avenues. You might say, "I don't know if it's the weather or what..." while down in your gut, the Uproar plays country songs about Saturday night, the lit-up life, or somebody who's down on their luck.

The Grand Ole Uproar is:

Josh Watson-- guitar, vocals
Sanders Davis-- bass, vocals
Noah Clark -- guitar
Aaron Bond-- guitar
Jeremy Parker-- drums
Adrian Foltz-- drums

The Grand Ole Uproar Sessions:

Dan Blaisdell--pedal steel guitar

Aaron Bond-- bass

Ryland Bowman -- guitar                                                                                           

Revell Carr-- accordian

Caitlin Cary -- vocals, violin

Shane Doggett--drums

Georgianna Harris--violin                                                                                     

John Howie-- vocals, guitar                                                                                

Jason Hughes--drums                                                                                        

Molly McGinn--vocals                                                                                    

Mike O' Malley--piano, fender rhodes                                                     

Grace Miller--violin, vocals                                                                                

"Driveway" David Moore--harmonica                                                                       

Jeremy Parker-drums                                                                                        

Jason Hughes, drums                                                                                           

Ian Pawlowski--banjo, vocals                                                                            

Dylan Ritter--pedal steel guitar

Randy Seals-- vocals, producer                                                                              

Matt Shermer--drums                                                                                        

Britt "Snuzz" Uzzell--vocals, producer                                                                     

Sara Soltau-- violin                                                                                    

Josh Watson--electric and acoustic guitars, vocals                                               

Henderson Wood--slide guitars